Tower and Vessel Services

Koch Specialty Plant Services (KSPS) has been the leader in the tower services and mass transfer equipment installation business since 1970. From routine inspection and repair of existing tower internals to complete vessel/internals reconfiguration, KSPS’s experience, organizational resources and global footprint can successfully execute all of our customers’ tower specialty needs.


  • Installation, removal and/or modification
  • Trays, packing and attachments (new, replacement and repair)
  • Reactor internals
  • Open, clean, inspect and repair
  • Turnarounds, outages and shutdowns


  • Blind-to-blind
  • ASME, NBIC repairs and alterations
  • ASME, NBIC code welding and fabrication
  • Structural attachments (repair, replace and modify)
  • Nozzle repair, replacement and installation

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