Committed to Safe Operating

At Koch Specialty Plant Services, we operate with integrity and expect all our employees to an integral part of our environmental health and safety program. We strive to operate with 10,000 percent compliance. That means 100 percent of our employees obeying all laws and regulations 100 percent of the time.

With a dedicated and knowledgeable team of environmental health and safety professionals to guide them, we provide a competent workforce that takes accountability for reducing risk for everyone. Our demonstrated commitment to operating responsibly has earned us OSHA's VPP Star Status.

Through our Active Caring Intervention program, employees involve themselves in respectful conversations to better understand how work is done and improve performance for themselves and others. Employees are directly involved in continuous improvement initiatives, assessments, incident learning and management system improvements.

We are humbled to have been nominated for Houston Business Roundtable's Safety Excellence Awards eight times since 2008. We have received gold (2016) and bronze (2017 and 2018) awards in the Hard Craft Large category.

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