Replacement Equipment

KSPS’ sister company Koch-Glitsch is a world leader in mass transfer technology and the manufacture of new replacement equipment. Through our close working relationship with Koch-Glitsch, we can offer our customers high-quality replacement parts, expert installation and peace of mind that every piece of equipment we provide will perform.

With state-of-the-art research and development, engineering design capabilities and manufacturing processes, we also have U.S. and local manufacturing capabilities that reduce import restrictions and delays. Additionally, we have a drawing and record retention program that helps us accurately identify customers’ existing equipment as well as changes that have occurred over time.


Our AHOP database has the most up-to-date tower information available and allows us to tailor solutions that fit our customers’ specific turnaround needs, saving time, money and resources while eliminating guess work. And we have a full-time staff committed to ensuring this information is accurate and capable of quickly responding to customer queries.


KSPS and Koch Otto-York work hand-in-hand to ensure our customers’ DEMISTER® mist eliminator needs are met.

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